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Mass Payments

With XE Mass Payments you can save time and money by simplifying and streamlining your global payments process. Our solutions enable you to process, execute and deliver multiple currencies quickly, easily and securely to 220 countries and territories in 139 currencies.

With XE Mass Payments, your business can:

  • Cut or eliminate manual processes

  • Improve the speed of high-volume, time-sensitive payments

  • Use fewer resources than you currently do

  • Pay less than you typically would pay your bank

  • Receive hands-on support

Key Features

  • Available as a standalone platform, managed service or fully integrated API

  • Simple file upload

  • Automated payment verification and validation

  • Consolidate multiple currencies in a single file

  • Enables payment delivery on specific target dates

Why choose Xe?


We take the greatest care in ensuring the safety of Xe Money Transfer.

Market experts

We closely monitor the markets, to tailor our services to your business; we can provide an unparalleled level of service. With our support, our clients can make targeted and educated trading decisions.

Trusted Brand

Your company money is safe with XE. Our NASDAQ listed parent, Euronet Worldwide Inc. has a multi-billion dollar market capitalisation and an investment-grade credit rating from Standard & Poors.

FX tools

Stay one step ahead of the competition with the latest tools and market insights so you can make informed decisions.

XE Currency Experts

Jon Cawdell

Strategic Partnerships

With some 15 years' experience in the foreign exchange industry, Jon works alongside our key strategic partnership solution and mass payments clients. With our partnership solutions, we enable international banks and retail brands to deliver industry-leading services to their clients, further enhancing their service offering and strengthening the relationship they have with their clients.

Xe Money Transfer, is a service provided by HiFX Australia Pty Ltd. HiFX Australia Pty Ltd is a company registered in Australia (ACN 105 106 045) and holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL No. 240917) and is regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission.