LVL - Lats letton

The Lats letton is the currency of Lettonie. Our currency rankings show that the most popular Lats letton exchange rate is the LVL to USD rate. The currency code for Latvia Lat is LVL, and the currency symbol is Ls. Below, you'll find Lats letton rates and a currency converter.

The Latvian Lat was replaced by the Euro on January 1, 2014. The Lat is no longer accepted as legal tender as of January 15, 2014.

Lats letton Stats

NameLats letton
Minor unit1/100 = Santims
Minor unit symbolSantims
Top LVL conversionLVL to USD
Top LVL chartLVL to USD chart

Lats letton Profile

CoinsFreq used: Santims1, Santims2, Santims5, Santims10, Santims20, Santims50, Ls1, Ls2, Ls10, Ls100
Bank notesFreq used: Ls5, Ls10, Ls20, Ls50, Ls100, Ls500
Central bankBank of Latvia

Taux de change en direct

EUR / USD1,01735
GBP / EUR1,18869
USD / JPY134,961
GBP / USD1,20932
USD / CHF0,951417
USD / CAD1,28991
EUR / JPY137,303
AUD / USD0,694638

Taux de la banque centrale

DeviseInterest Rate
JPY-0,10 %
CHF-0,75 %
EUR0,00 %
USD1,75 %
CAD0,50 %
AUD0,10 %
NZD1,00 %
GBP1,25 %