BTN - Ngultrum du Bhoutan

The Ngultrum du Bhoutan is the currency of Bhoutan. Our currency rankings show that the most popular Ngultrum du Bhoutan exchange rate is the BTN to USD rate. The currency code for Bhutan Ngultrum is BTN, and the currency symbol is Nu.. Below, you'll find Ngultrum du Bhoutan rates and a currency converter.

Ngultrum du Bhoutan Stats

NameNgultrum du Bhoutan
Minor unit1/100 = chhertum
Minor unit symbolchhertum
Top BTN conversionBTN to USD
Top BTN chartBTN to USD chart

Ngultrum du Bhoutan Profile

CoinsFreq used: chhertum5, chhertum10, chhertum20, chhertum25, chhertum50, Ngultrum1
Bank notesFreq used: Ngultrum1, Ngultrum5, Ngultrum10, Ngultrum20, Ngultrum50, Ngultrum100, Ngultrum500, Ngultrum1000
Central bankRoyal Monetary Authority of Bhutan

Taux de change en direct

EUR / USD1,05218
GBP / EUR1,15520
USD / JPY148,424
GBP / USD1,21548
USD / CHF0,914654
USD / CAD1,37312
EUR / JPY156,169
AUD / USD0,635387

Taux de la banque centrale

DeviseInterest Rate
JPY-0,10 %
CHF-0,25 %
EUR1,25 %
USD2,50 %
CAD3,25 %
AUD2,35 %
NZD3,00 %
GBP1,75 %