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We give you the power of our most up to date, reputable currency information and offer you secure, reliable, easy to use products and services dedicated to making your life easier.

A Proud Part of Euronet

We are proudly part of the Euronet Worldwide (NASDAQ: EEFT) family, who are recognized as formidable leaders in currency exchange. Together, we form the third largest money transfer business in the world. We strive to offer the most simple, reliable, and friendly money transfer service.


Our History

Our Culture

Our culture reflects our philosophy of respect, simplify, and solve. Success is a result of our talented and dedicated team who live and exemplify our philosophy. The XE team expects great things of each other, treat each other well, and are committed to creating the best foreign exchange solutions for the world. A 40-hour work week with flex time and health benefits, plus an on-site gym and games room, and catered lunches every Friday supports XE employees with a relaxed but fun and motivated atmosphere.

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Giving Back

Being responsible means engaging with our community. XE strives to make a positive impact in both our local and global communities and so, every XE team member gets to pick a charity to which we donate $1000 annually. To reduce our ecological footprint, XE is powered by Bullfrog power. We are also proud sponsors of the Matoto Multicultural Arts Society!

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