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Managing risk in the international marketplace should remain at the forefront of your concerns. Whether you are an owner or a broker managing charter vessels, a company servicing an overseas based contract or simply sourcing equipment from an overseas vendor, it is crucial you understand how to protect your business against the impact of volatility in the currency markets.

XE Marine Solutions

Our clients in the marine industry benefit from our knowledge of this dynamic marketplace, and our variety of solutions support businesses to achieve their goals. Whether you are:

  • Making one-off, or multiple payments to overseas vendors

  • Securing rates for future delivery in line with payment schedules

  • Looking to develop a risk management strategy to give you visibility and certainty

XE has the solutions and expertise to support you to protect your profit margins from potentially choppy environments.

XE Business Solutions and Services

International Payments

Get access to competitive exchange rates when making business-critical transactions around the world.

Mass Payments

Enables businesses to process, execute and deliver multiple payments on a global scale from a single gateway or integrated into your own systems via our Mass Payments API

Xe Business Accounts

Are you aware of the full range of foreign exchange solutions available to your business? A Business Account with Xe Money Transfer gives you access to a variety of tools to help you insure your business against the possibility of adverse currency rate movements

Why choose Xe?


We take the greatest care in ensuring the safety of Xe Money Transfer.

Market experts

We closely monitor the markets, to tailor our services to your business; we can provide an unparalleled level of service. With our support, our clients can make targeted and educated trading decisions.

Trusted Brand

Your company money is safe with XE. Our NASDAQ listed parent, Euronet Worldwide Inc. has a multi-billion dollar market capitalisation and an investment-grade credit rating from Standard & Poors.

FX tools

Stay one step ahead of the competition with the latest tools and market insights so you can make informed decisions.

XE Europe B.V. is authorised by the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank) under the Payment Services Directive II, registration R149006, for the provision of payment services. XE is a limited company registered in the Netherlands. Registered number: 72587873. Registered office: Rozengracht 12, 1st floor, 1016NB, Amsterdam.